Second week of class!!


So on Wednesday I had the pleasure of meeting Linney Sar  who is a 4th year Health Science major who is minoring in Asian Studies. She is from Long Beach and loves to read and bake. So we decided to talk about the question of the week which was “Is art actually important in today’s world?” We both said that yes, it is in fact very important. Art is around us whether we realize it or not(architecture, a nicely presented plate of food, a field of sunflowers, a desk…well you get the idea). With that in mind, it is very important for us to know that it affects us as people and what it really means to us personally.



Currently majoring in Food Science at Cal State University, Long Beach. I love to cook many different dishes, hike, and watch movies on Netflix. Lived in LA my whole life, but I was born in Nigeria. Hope you enjoy my site! :)

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