Wk5-Artist Conversation-Jane Weibel

Exhibition Information
Artist: Jane Weibel
Exhibition: Psycho Cycle
Media: Photography, paper, plastic, ceramics
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Email: JaneWeibel@gmail.com
Website: Janeweibel.com

This is Jane Weibel’s last year here at Cal State Long Beach and she is pursuing a BFA degree in the School of Art’s Illustration Program. She is from San Diego, California and decided to come to Cal State Long Beach because it has one of the Best Ceramics program in the country. Before becoming an art major, she first started off majoring in Biology. She later became a message therapist, a nutrition major, then finally joined the art family.

When I first walked into the gallery, I was wowed by all the different colors that were displayed throughout the room. I saw a couple different boulders displayed, a pile of shreeded paper placed on the ground, and a very huge and colorful cage composed of of strictly plastic parts. It took Jane the whole summer to complete this project which was about 3-4 months.

In this exhibit, Jane really wanted to highlight the thought that women all over the world feel trapped, mistreated and victimized. She first did this by getting a picture of women and placing it between a ceramic border and a fire. This is to show that women always feel like they are “stuck between a rock and a hard place”. With the colorful shredded paper, she wanted to show that many women feel like their identity is erased; just like how a paper shredder essentially tears up a piece of paper which then loses its markings. Another really big symbolic piece she displayed was the giant cage. With this cage she was able to show that women feel trapped and aren’t able to accomplish the things that they are suppose to.

I personally have never felt like my gender has ever disadvantage me, but I know others who have. It really is tough for many women who want to have their voices heard when they are constantly being repressed and ignored. This kind of problem is something I wish to help minimize by educating others on the issues that women are being faced with every single day.



Currently majoring in Food Science at Cal State University, Long Beach. I love to cook many different dishes, hike, and watch movies on Netflix. Lived in LA my whole life, but I was born in Nigeria. Hope you enjoy my site! :)

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