Wk7-Artist Conversation-Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibit Information:

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition: Manos De Oro

Media: Sculpture, video, mixed media installation

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: dulcesoledadibarra.com

Instagram: N/A

Dulce is currently a senior here at Cal State Long Beach and is pursing a BFA in the School of Art’s Sculpture program. She is 25 and although her family is from Mexico, she lived in Chino, CA growing up. When she went to high school in an upper middle class, she was embarrassed about her family’s background and it took some time to try to and regain her pride back. Once she got into college, she first thought she wanted to major in Graphic Design and even Communications. But after some time, she knew that sculpture was her calling.

I was amazed to see all the different elements in her gallery. One thing that I really enjoyed were the many different photographs and portraits that were displayed on the wall(some were color and others were black and white). There was also various gardening tools that you see when you first walk in. Such as a lawn mower, hedge shears, and a shovel. What I noticed about all these tools was that were painted in gold; something that I found aesthetically pleasing. One final thing that I really did like was the video that was displayed in the video. This video was a man trimming some hedges and mowing the lawn. Even though this video was simple, I was able to see the real significance of the gallery as a whole.

When I did speak with Dulce, she seemed to put a lot of emphasis on her dad and his hard work. With her dad being a gardener, she was able to really see labor as a key for survival. Because of her dad, she is the main reason why she has a huge work ethic and puts in her all when it comes to getting her work done. When it came to the gardening tools, Dulce mentioned the reason why she painted them gold was because she wanted to show that she valued her family’s lifestyle just like how most people put a lot of value in gold.

Just by looking at the video and the gardening tools, I was already able to see the hard work her and her father go through. It in fact, reminded me of my mom(who is a single parent) and how she has to work 2 jobs just to make sure the family is kept together. Her work ethics has motivated me as well to not only stay in school, but to also get a job and help out with the family.



Currently majoring in Food Science at Cal State University, Long Beach. I love to cook many different dishes, hike, and watch movies on Netflix. Lived in LA my whole life, but I was born in Nigeria. Hope you enjoy my site! :)

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