Wk15-Art Experience-Finger Painting

I really enjoyed this last art project we had to do. It was pretty much just like how i expected. I was relaxed creating my work of ark while watching my current favorite show on Netflix, “Shameless”(I would totally recommend watching it by the way). The fact that had a project with no subject was a bit liberating and relaxing. Letting my mind run free is something I rarely do and now that I get to do it on my study break for finals was in fact pretty nice. In relationship to the Graffiti writing project, they do have some similarities. They are in fact very similar by allowing us to create this piece of work anyway we want. The differences though would have to be that the graffiti project had some structure in what we had to do while the finger painting didn’t have much structure at all. Those were in fact, my two favorite projects.img_0373



Currently majoring in Food Science at Cal State University, Long Beach. I love to cook many different dishes, hike, and watch movies on Netflix. Lived in LA my whole life, but I was born in Nigeria. Hope you enjoy my site! :)

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