Week 4-Artist Conversation-May Ta

Exhibition Information
Artist: May Ta
Exhibition: Closer
Media: Mixed Media, Acrylic paint, Digital Photoshop
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Email: maypta18@gmail.com
Website: in progress

May Ta is currently a senior at Cal State Long Beach pursuing a BFA degree in the School of Art’s Illustration Program. May transferred from Fullerton college as an international student from Vietnam. Growing up, she was always around scientists so that persuaded her to, at first, major in engineering. She then changed her mind and decided to major in illustration in order to tell her story through the visual arts. When she broke the news to her family that she didn’t want to become an engineer, they weren’t at all content. But after some time, they began the respect her dreams and now are more supportive.

When I first walked in to the gallery, I noticed there were so many different art pieces displayed. The one that first got my attention was the mattress laying on the floor. As I walked towards it, I noticed that there was many different notes attached to it. I then turned around and spotted a chair, small table, and easel. These different pieces of furniture made me feel as though I was in someone’s home. Another piece I really did enjoy was the 6 pictures that were placed in white frames. Each picture had a dark and lonely feeling even though the whole gallery was bright and colorful.

May and another artist, Carly Lake, both came together to create this project. They both decided everyone craves intimacy, but in fact ends up isolated and empty. May mentioned that being alone is different from loneliness. She is content with being alone and knows that it doesn’t interfere with the happiness she has for herself. She believes that in order to be content with someone else and their presences, one needs to be content with themselves.

I was able to completely relate to May’s perspective in regards to loneliness. In some periods in my life, I would always mix up the idea of being alone and loneliness. Being alone, intimatley or not, isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes the seclusion is just what someone needs to finding who they are as a person. This is could be the same idea when it comes to being with someone else; that personal connection could also be what the person needs for their own personal growth and development.